Job Creation

  • Lowering our tax burden is critical to improving our business climate. Neighboring states like Texas and Tennessee have zero income tax. I support phasing out Arkansas’s income tax.
  • Frivolous lawsuits and our system of “jackpot justice” means that any business in Arkansas can be one junk lawsuit away from bankruptcy. We must enact meaningful lawsuit abuse reform.
  • Arkansas has recently made significant strides in reducing overburdensome regulation. We must continue to chip away at unnecessary red tape and reduce barriers to opportunity for people who want to work. I passed legislation in 2021 to waive licensing fees to make it easier for low income Arkansans to find honest work.
  • Arkansas businesses need a skilled and trained workforce. I will work to help Arkansans further their education, whether that be certifications, trade schools, two-year colleges, four-year degrees, or advanced degrees. We need more qualified citizens all throughout the educational spectrum regardless of whether they are truck drivers or Ph.D.’s. All work is meaningful and has intrinsic value.